Hi! My name is Matt and I work on photography and 3D design projects out of my bedroom.

Create & Explore Introduction + video release

If you wanted to commission me for something, or you'd just like to chat, drop an email at mattcvsrd@gmail.com or DM me on instagram @cavesrd. Thanks!

I have some visual projects lined up with several musicians Including Harris ColeAsoHakou. If you're an artist in need for a visual accompaniment to your music, get in touch!

I'm based in Perth, WA if you're in need for a commissioned shoot or event coverage.

I don't believe in selling presets. I've currently got psd files, high res videos, sfx files available for free download. If you think any of these would assist your own projects then I'll be happy to send a link via DM or email.

If you just wanted to support what I'm doing, you can buy my 3d scenes on itch.io.
donations are not expected but are very greatly appreciated!

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