Hi! My name is Matt and I work on 3D environment design projects out of my bedroom.

Create & Explore Introduction + video release

If you wanted to commission me for something, or you'd just like to chat, drop an email at mattcvsrd@gmail.com or DM me on instagram @cavesrd. Thanks!

Environment Design
If you believe I can help your envisioned game or experience come to life for pc/vr/consoles, don't hesitate to get in touch. The project can be anything from architectural / landscape design, tourism, video games, anything you can think of. Drop me an email and let's chat about your idea.

Live Music Visuals
I've recently been producing some bright and animated stage visuals for live artists. Get in touch if what you see on my youtube is similar to something you'd want for your live show.

Music Video
If you're a smaller artist in need of a visual for your lastest music to put on youtube, I have a fairly large personal archive that is free for you to use (with credit). Or if you want something I haven't made yet / something more specific to your music then that can also be arranged, feel free to email me your work.

I'm based in Perth, WA if you're in need for a commissioned shoot or event coverage.

If you just wanted to support what I'm doing, you can buy my 3d scenes on itch.io.
donations are not expected but are very greatly appreciated!

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